Is This The Right Fit for Me?

Choosing to move to a senior’s community can be one of the biggest, most exciting and daunting choices you have ever made. But equally important, is choosing a location and community that offers the right fit for you.

You need to find a community:

– with services that complement and enhance your lifestyle and interests.

– in a location that suits your personal tastes and family preferences.

– that offers a level of future financial security to satisfy your desire for peace of mind.

Finding a senior living community that fits will take research, time and careful consideration. We recommend visiting a variety of communities to get a sense of what feels best. Comparing the tangible factors, such as living space, costs etc., can be fairly straightforward. But comparing the intangibles, such as whether you find a community comfortable and welcoming, and how your furnishings would look in a particular unit, for example, is not always quite so easy.

Oxford Crest has developed a simple checklist to help you make an “apples-to-apples” comparison and to help you get a feel for whether a community may be right for you.

Download the  Oxford Crest Village Checklist today, and see if we are a good fit for you.